Congress Venue

Firenze fiera – Piazza Adua, 1 50123 Firenze, Italy – Tel. +39 055 49.721


For your convenience the Congress Secretariat selected the best hotels in Florence close to the Congress Venue at various price levels.
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Florence, the host city

A city-size shrine to the Renaissance, Florence offers frescoes, sculptures, churches, palaces, and other monuments from the richest cultural flowering the world has known. Names from its dazzling historical past—Dante, Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli—are some of the most resonant of the medieval age. But to see the Tuscan capital simply as Europe’s preeminent city of art would be to ignore not only its role as a dynamic and cosmopolitan metropolis, but also to overlook its more unsung charms—Italy’s most visited gardens (and its best ice-cream parlor), idyllic strolls on balmy summer evenings, a broad range of specialty shopping, sweeping views over majestic cityscapes, eating experiences that range from historic cafés to the country’s most highly rated restaurants, and the kind of seductive and romantic pleasures that somehow only Italy knows how to provide.


View of Ponte Vecchio, Florence Picture credits

Official Language

English is the official language of the Congress.
Simultaneous translation into other languages will be evaluated on the basis of the number of request for each language.

CME Accreditation

An application will be made to the EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event

Official Invitation Letter

The Official Letter of Invitation can be printed from your personal area in the congress website.
This invitation implies no obligation, financial or otherwise, by the Congress.


The Congress Organizers will not accept any liability for personal injury, or loss/damage to property or belongings of participants, either during or as a result of the Congress during their stay in Florence. It is, therefore, recommended that participants arrange their own personal health, accident and travel insurance.


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