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P271. How deep is your love”: evaluation of dyspareunia and sexual function in women with deep infiltrating endometriosis in long-term treatment with dienogest

daniela yela (BR), joao lonardo pinto (BR), cristina benetti-pinto (BR)

[yela] unicamp, [lonardo pinto] unicamp, [benetti-pinto] unicamp

Context: Dyspareunia is one of the most common symptoms associated with deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE) and, in comparison with female general population, there are a nine-fold increase risk of this complaint Objective: to evaluate dyspareunia and sexual function of women with DIE diagnosed by sonography who underwent treatment with dienogest (DNG) for 12 months. Methods: Longitudinal study including 30 women with sonographic diagnosis of DIE (intestinal and posterior fornix) treated with 2mg/daily DNG for 12 months. We evaluated sexual function parameters by FSFI before and after 12 months of DNG treatment and dyspareunia was quantified through VAS scale during the follow ups performed every 3 months. To perform the statistical analysis: Wilcoxon signed-rank test and Spearman correlation coefficient. Patient: women with deep infiltrating endometriosis Interventions: use 2mg/daily DNG for 12 months Main outcome measure: to evaluate dyspareunia and sexual function Results: Women were on average 36,13 +-6,24 years old and all of them showed sexual dysfunction (IFSF score <26,55) before DNG 2mg/daily; 88,3% had dyspareunia as main symptom related to DIE (VAS before 5,3 +-3,1). At the end of 12 months of treatment, dyspareunia showed a decrease of intensity (VAS after 3,7+-3,3; p = 0.0093) nevertheless, such improvement does not imply recovery of sexual function (p=0,8662) not even when we evaluated each of IFSF domains: desire p=0,6908; arousal p=0,9646; lubrication p=0,3444; orgasm p=0,6813; satisfaction p=0,2495 and pain p=0,2502 Conclusion: Dyspareunia is a major symptom in women with DIE which is a disease with impairment on sexuality. Yet, even the improvement of dyspareunia was not enough to provide recovery of sexual function in these women.