Poster Session

P307. Antioxidant - regenerative therapy - a new anti-aging concept of women in peri and postmenopausal age

Mekan Orazov (RU)

[Orazov] Peoples Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), moscow

The question of how to extend a full human life for many generations to deflect and reflect all the facets of science and philosophy, including even shadow them. The leaders of major countries and strong regions were forced to make difficult decisions about how to achieve universal desires: to live long and be free and healthy. Sorry, we can't live forever, achieve equilibrium between the desire for a long, healthy life and understanding the inevitable decay of old age, is often difficult.Paradigm of quality and healthy aging requires a detailed understanding of how cells and tissues degrade over time and the points at which you can hope to successfully intervene in the aging process.Тhe aim of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness antioxidan-regenerative complex therapy "FAM-vital-" to improve the quality of life of women in peri and postmenopause period of life.The main achievement of recent decades is conceptual understanding of aging as a fatally programmed the process of deterioration and aging of the organism, but as a complex process of adaptation with complex regulatory changes, search and the impact of which can prevent the development of pathological conditions, contributing to aging, to improve the quality of women's health, peri and postmenopausal age.