Poster Session

P115. Local complications associated with the insertion and removal of Implanon NXT®.

Maria Antonia Obiol (ES), Manuel Lozano (ES), Jose Maria Ramada (ES)

[Obiol] S.R.H.C Fuente de San Luis, Valencia, [Lozano] Departament de Preventiva i Salut Publica, Ciencies de l´Alimentacio Toxicologia i Medicina Legal. Universitat de Valencia, [Ramada] Institut Hospital del Mar dÍnvestigacions Mediques (INIM), Barcelona. CIBER de Epidemiologia y Salud Publica (CIBERESP).

NXT is an effective and safe method with few complications. Despite insertion and removal are minimally invasive procedures, sometimes they could present different complications. Objective: A review of cases that presented local reactions associated with the procedure of insertion or removal of Implanon NXT®. Materials and methods: During the 2012-2017 period, 10 cases with local reactions associated with Implanon NXT® insertion or removal procedure were registered in the ‘Fuente de San Luis’ Sexual and Reproductive Health Center. Two groups were established depending on the procedure, either on insertion or after removal. The first group referred a case of hematoma, a painful scar, a skin abscess, three allergic reactions to the implant and a foreign body reaction. The second group referred a secondary scar because of non-palpable implant removal, an implant deformation due to a difficult extraction, and an implant breakage during extraction. The clinical presentations are described providing iconography and their treatments and evolution are detailed. Results: Among the complications that required a specific treatment, the abscess and the allergic reaction are highlighted, since the implant’s removal is needed in these cases. In the case of foreign body reaction, the implant was remained. Complications that required non-specific attention were presented mainly during the extraction, with the exception of the painful scar that appeared a few weeks after insertion. Conclusions: Most of the local secondary complications due to insertion and extraction of Implanon NXT® are easy to handle. It is necessary to perform the early differential diagnosis between abscess and allergic reaction since their treatments differ. The early use of the antibiotics can prevent the implant removal.