Scientific Society Symposium

Trends in contraceptives use among adolescents

German Salazar (CO)


Adolescent pregnancy is an unresolved problem of public health worldwide. It leads to very serious social repercussions from which Latin America is not excluded, exhibiting alarming statistics. The early initiation of sexual relations has become more frequent. It is estimated that 50% of adolescents under 17 are already sexually active. The mentioned initiation often occurs to low-income adolescents with a poor educational level, ethnic minorities, and marginalized groups. It is more common in rural areas. These statistics are so alarming that it makes us think that we need to drastically change the current approach regarding the prevention of adolescent pregnancy. The current challenge will be to provide greater coverage to a greater number of adolescents, allowing them to easily and quickly access modern and safe hormonal contraception with a higher rate of continuity, efficiency and user satisfaction. The latter will avoid that one or multiple pregnancies occur during adolescence. It is clear that there is a current need for hormonal contraception in adolescent population, and that it must be highly effective and easy to use for them. Providing LARC methods at no cost is fundamental and a necessary strategy in order to reduce unplanned adolescent pregnancy rates, abortion and repeated abortion rates.