PCOS: the new approach

Archil Khomasuridze (GE)

[Khomasuridze] Institute of Reproductology, Tbilisi

Archil George Khomasuridze (GE) Institute of Reproductology, Tbilisi The problem of PCOS remains to be the subject of complicated polemics of modern reproductology. The more we know about disease, the more becomes uncertain. We've to confess, that the process seems endless. Because of no way out, we've decided to act in accordance with the well known proverb, going as follows: "Everything new is the properly forgotten old". Namely, in our work we distinguish 3 clinical types of PCOS: 1. Classic Stein-Leventhal Syndrome of primary PCOS; 2. Hypothalamic type of PCOS ; 3. Combined type of PCOS. Also we consider 2 mixed types of 3 abovementioned: 1+2 and 2+3. We've to take into consideration, that the above "classification" not exclude additional combination of the all above with endometriosis. The above approach of PCOS management can become the subject of discussion. We're ready for it, because it is impossible to ignore the fact, that in our observations we've reached 92% efficacy for restoration of menstrual cycle and 78% of the women with PCOS become pregnant. The details will be presented during the Congress.