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P165. The association of Anti-thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies and anti-Phospholipid antibodies in recurrent miscarriage A literature rewiew.



CONTEXT ;The association of anti-phospholipid antibodies and antihyroid Peroxidase antibodies effects in euthyroid woman was proposed as causes of recurrent miscarriage and unexplained infertility,in all cases the aPL positivity haven’t clinical impact OBJECTIVES ;The aim of this study is evalutate recent existing dates and hypothesis. METHODS ; An web search was conducted on Medline/PubMed,Hindaawi,Plos with the terms “ Thyroid Peroxidase Autoantibodies””Recurrent miscarriage” “Antiphospholipid antibodies “ .Ten Studies deemed eligible for inclusion were full-length peer-reviewed journal articles and other publications. RESULTS :The prevalence in TPO ab 13 % increased with the age,and is higher in caucasian than afroamerican ,in Indian women is 11%and 4% was euthyroid .The relationship with miscarriage rate in TAI positive has a odds ratio (OR ) 2.73 (95 % CI 2,20-3.40),and 2.55 in 8 studies case control and 10 longitudinals studies and a OR 2.31 in 14 cohort studies.In the 27.8% of unexplained infertility was aPL antibodies .An recent study retrospective women with increased TPO-Ab and Tg-Ab revealed anti .phospholipid antibodies ( p < 0.001) igG anti-cardiolipin and IgG -beta2-glycoprotein:The prevalence 8-9 % of anti.Phospholip antibodies is relative to IgG and IgM .An study on Mannan-binding lectine deficiency in autoimmune thyroid disease associated with aPL antibodies predispose to thrombotic events and risk of pregnancy loss. CONCLUSION ;Antithyroid antibodies were linked to Anti-Phospholipid antibodies furthemore their effect on recurrent miscarriage isn’t synergic and the self reactive B hyperstimulation seems determine TH 1 immunity as pro-inflammatory status.