Poster Session

P282. Influence of the level of dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (dheas) on the body weight of the climacteric women

Aleksandar Djogo (ME)

[Djogo] Clinical Center of Montenegro , Podgorica

INFLUENCE OF THE LEVEL OF DEHYDROEPIANDROSTERONE SULPHATE (DHEAS) ON THE BODY WEIGHT OF THE CLIMACTERIC WOMEN Author Djogo A,Vukovic M, Krnjevic D, Borozan S., Vujovic S. Department of endocrinology,Clinical center of Montenegro,Podgorica,Montenegro Faculty of medicine,University of Belgrade, Clinic of endocrinology, diabetes and diseases of metabolism,Clinical center of Serbia,Belgrade,Serbia CONTEXT Climacterium is a phase in the life of a woman,characterized by a decline in level of all streoids,including DHEAS .However,the rate of this decline differs. DHEAS has an effect on food intake and body weight,so that weight changes are individual in climacterium. OBJECTIVE Our goal was to examine that the level of DHEAS is corelated with body weight,and that the lower level of DHEAS causes body mass index(BMI) increase. METHODS We calculated the mean DHEAS level and average BMI for two groups of women.To evaluate the BMI and DHEAS difference between the two examined groups,we applied the t test for independent samples and the Mann Whitney U test depending on the distribuition normality.The statistical analyzer was conducted in the statistical program for social sciences SPSS 22. PATIENTS Subjects are European women,middle age,in the climacterium, characterized by irregular menstrual bleeding,one year ago.The average age of women in the first group was 47,4 years,in the second gropu 48,3 years.They had a sedentary lifestyle.We have not registered chronic cardiovascular,malignant or infectious diseases in our respondents. INTERVENTIONS Subjects are divided into two groups of 20 members.The members of the first group have a lower DHEAS level(below the lower limit of the reference value).In the second ,members have a DHEAS level within the reference values.The reference range of the laboratory is 2,20 to 15,20 umol/L MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES The mean BMI was significantly higher in the first group(26,15±3,18) compared to the second group(22,10±2,29),while DHEAS was significantly lower in the first group(0,90±0,79)compared to the other group(5,65±2,89) RESULTS Significant negative correlation was found between DHEAS and BMI. CONCLUSION DHEAS has to be added to estroprogestagens whenever low level of DHEAS is found due to preventing obesity and consequentional cardiovacular disorders.