Poster Session

P198. Unexpected pregnancy-is it a big problem?

Patricija Kasilovska (LT), Zaneta Kasilovskiene (LT)

[Kasilovska] Vilnius University, Vilnius, [Kasilovskiene] Medical center "Maxmeda" Vilnius

Context: It is a truth not commonly acknowledged that not every baby is planned. For although contraception choices are better now than they’ve ever been, women still conceive even when they have not planned to. But how each woman and her partner respond to a positive pregnancy test is highly individual. After the initial shock of having a pregnancy confirmed many say they are secretly delighted and quickly start making plans to accommodate their new baby. Some don’t react with the same degree of enthusiasm and cannot even consider including a baby in their future. Objective: To identify woman mental state, contraceptive methods usage and efficieny, pregnancy outcomes. Methods: Statistical analysis was performed using software package for statistical analysis - SPSS (version 17.0). Various parameters were calculated: means, confidence intervals (95%), minimum and maximum values, standard deviations, median, mode, variance, frequencies. Statistical differences between patients groups were calculated using T-tests in different groups (level of statistical significance p < 0,05). Correlations between variables were calculated using Spearman‘s correlation (level of statistical significance p < 0,05). Participants: A total of 156 women with unexpected pregnancy were selected end examined in Medical Center “Maxmeda”. An anonymous questionnaire was conduced. Results: Emotional state: Happiness- 58%. 42%- stress, fear, anxiety. 63%- rejected abortion. 27%-was thinking about the abortion like a solution. 1%-did abortion Mostly women who have 40-45 years old or have 4 or more children decides to do an abortion. 74% - made families, postpone the studies. 44%- families were not ready financialy to have a baby. 46%-did not use any contraceptive method. 32%- was using the condoms. 24%-was using contraceptive pills. Most common reasons that caused unexpected pregnancy: 17%-pour a condom, 13%- health problems or medicaments that caused weaker contraceptive methods effect. 12%-forget to take a contraceptive pill. Conclusion: 18-45 age old women questionnaire results showed that 54% of families are planning a baby or a number of babies in family. 26% does not plan the right time to expect a baby. 55% of families come across with unexpected pregnancy.