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Progesterone-induced paracrine factors in human endometrium: the key for decidualization and receptivity

Fernando Reis (BR)

[Reis] Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte

Endometrial decidualization and receptivity to embryo implantation is a cyclic phenomenon induced by progesterone after estrogen priming. However, a plethora of growth factors, cytokines and regulatory peptides mediate progesterone effects through paracrine signaling in the endometrium. Progestogens and SPRMs may affect distinctly these paracrine mediators and their pharmacological effects may vary accordingly. Understanding the molecular cascades evoked by progesterone receptor activation may help to clarify the changes associated with endometrial diseases and to design pharmaceutical compounds that target specifically endometrial immune response, cell growth/survival and tissue remodeling.