Serum bisphenol A and metabolic profile in women with PCOS

Andrzej Milewicz (PL)

[Milewicz] University of Wroclaw

Exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals has been recognized as a direct and/or indirect causative factor of hormonal and metabolic disorders .The goal of this study was to examine whether bisphenol A(BPA) , a molecule with estrogen-mimetic properties , favors metabolic and hormonal disorders in women with PCOS . Women with PCOS and healthy control ( aged 17-43 years ) were included in this study. Anthropometric parameters of obesity , serum BPA , androgens ,SHBG ,lipids and carbohydrate profile were estimated using routine laboratory methods.Also HOMA-IR as well as lipid accumulation product (LAP) were calculated. Serum BPA levels in women with PCOS were higher in women with PCOS. Significant correlation between serum BPA with serum insulin,HOMA-IR as well as with androgens levels were observed in women with PCOS . Future studies are needed to evaluate this preliminary observation regarding the putative influence of serum BPA concentration on hormonal and metabolic disorders in women with PCOS. .